Guide to Using Leish G1 Cream

Leish G1 cream, when used in conjunction with standard treatment, is recommended for the localized treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis wounds. Proper application of this cream not only accelerates the healing process but also enhances wound healing and scar improvement through immunomodulation (stimulation of the immune system) and tissue repair mechanisms.

For optimal results in parasite clearance, wound repair, and prevention of scar formation, please follow the instructions below:

  1. For small, single wounds (less than 3 cm), it is advisable to apply Leish G1 cream from the initial stage alongside the standard treatment.
  2. For wounds larger than 3 cm, after two weeks of standard treatment (local injection of meglumine antimoniate), begin using Leish G1 cream starting from the third week in combination with the ongoing standard treatment.
  3. In cases requiring systemic treatment (such as wounds larger than 5 cm, multiple wounds, wounds on joints, lymphatic spread, or sporotrichosis), Leish G1 cream should be used following three systemic injections of meglumine antimoniate, as per the standard protocol.

Instructions for Use

In all the above cases, apply the cream topically to the wound in a thin layer twice daily.


Test the cream on a small area of healthy skin before general use. Discontinue if signs of allergy (itching, burning, redness) occur within 12 hours of application.

Note that initial redness, inflammation, and lesion activation during the first two weeks of treatment are part of the drug’s immunomodulatory effect and the body’s natural response. Continued use should lead to improvement.

Duration of Use

The duration for applying this product on cutaneous leishmaniasis wounds varies based on the wound size and the healing progress, as assessed by a doctor, and may extend for two to three months.


Before using the cream, thoroughly read the leaflet provided with the product.